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12 Key Performance Principles ... into action for you!

1. Commit to Consistent Improvement: Decide what you want to have happen then ... Commit to Target- Document- Implement - Monitor until your desires do come true.
2. Know and Do what you stand for, or you will fall for anything ... and fail Write down you Vision, Core Values, "Who We are..." and live by what you believe
3. Monitor Your 'Plan Of Happiness' Targets at all times: Where have we been ? Where are we now ? Where are we going ?Use consistent monitoring with regular, low-maintenance, High-accountability reporting
4. Know and Use the Allowance Principle: You can not force someone to follow your Vision Who is really running your company? Do your employees do things your way or their own? Learn to : illuminate - Invite - and Allow others to go with your flow toward success.
5. Know and Use Contrast to encourage Unity: The greater the clear contrast ... the greater the perception of value - the greater the chance of acceptance/implementation
6. Know and Use Written Procedures: Knowledge + Obedience = Power & Performance Good Written Procedures, well implemented, naturally yield genuine performance Replace your verbal traditions with clear written procedures & expectations
7. Know & Involve Your Target: Always aim your message & invitation at the whole person 1)Disposition/Values 2)E'motion/Feel 3)Mind/Logic 4)Body/Action 5)Countenance/Timing
8. Know and Fill your Role as a Performance Orchestrator :Help each member of your Cast to :See, Feel, Think, Pre-form, and Schedule... So that all team members are 'on cue' at all times for a consistent -genuine performance every time.
9. Know and use the Principles of Change: ...because the only thing constant in life is change !!! Principles of the Change Process: Aim, Ready, Align, Fire, Monitor and ReAim
10. Know and use the Commitment Pattern to enlist full cooperation and enthusiasm. The Principles of the commitment patters are: Prepare, Build relationships of trust, Present your message, Invite, Resolve concerns, Involve, and Follow up.
11. Know and use Key Questions to arrive at BEST answers: Who For/Perceived value? Why? What(Who will, What with, Where), How, When
12. Replace yourself with a fine tuned system: Create a system to replace yourself ...so that the business works for you...so you can 'enjoy a life' outside of your business.


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